Introducing 'solt' - The Solidity Tool

I’m pleased to announce the latest release of solt - the Solidity tool. Formerly solc-sjw, the project quickly outgrew the basic usage of writing Solidity standard json output for your smart contracts and has been renamed as a result with a more streamlined set of commands and options to suit all your Solidity contract verification from the command line, no matter the project’s structure or framework you’re using to develop with.

Verify Even More of Your Contracts on Etherscan


This is somewhat of a followup to my good and personal friend Kendrick’s post about a tool I am building to help Solidity developers verify their contracts on Etherscan in a non-opinionated or framework-specific way, so much of that background won’t be covered again.

A quick summary in the form of a hypothetical project’s README might look like this:

### Building and testing:
run truffle test / make test / brownie test
### Deploying:
run truffle migrate / make deploy / brownie run deploy / one click via remix

### Verifying deployed contracts:
(TODO figure this out and document)